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Runway Photo Experiment With Prabal Gurung Fall 2014 at AFF

The vibe of the show and shooting conditions presented itself perfectly for what I had in mind. And I’ve always wanted to try this for some time now.

Prabal Gurung’s showcase of his Fall 2014 collection at Audi Fashion Festival 2014 was when I carried out this runway photo experiment.

prabal gurung
prabal gurung aff
prabal gurung 2014
prabal gurung audi fashion festival

Straight-on vertical runway photos get boring. So I’ve been experimenting and figuring out new ways to make fashion runway photos look more captivating. Know how as content producers we always want to squeeze in as much “story”  into a single image as possible?

prabal gurung
prabal gurung aff

The idea of double/multiple exposures came to mind to fit more in less. It was inspired by a photo I saw on vogue.com some time back that also had a double exposure type of look. I’d say I’m really happy with the way the photos turned out!

prabal gurung fall

And lastly, my all time favorites – Finale shots.

prabal gurung
prabal gurung
prabal gurung

Photos: Desigual A/W 2014 at Audi Fashion Festival

This is my third time shooting Audi Fashion Festival and it always brings back that familiar feeling of excitement when I shot my first ever fashion week for Yahoo and Senatus 2 years ago and for some of the labels the last year.

Here’s some some of my favorite captures at the Desigual A/W 2014 show at Audi Fashion Festival 2014!


Realized that I’ve never actually shared backstage shots on my blog, so here are some.


Hermès Men On The Move – Photos

Was at the Hermès Men On The Move event held at the Old Kallang Airport earlier this week. Had so much fun at this grand showcase! From exotic food delicacies to mirror mazes, I was quite blown away by the whole concept put together by Hermès. Here are some pics I shot that day with Fashionide.

hermes-homme3 Catwalking down the runway is too mainstream, how about sitting on a conveyor belt instead?
hermes-homme4 They’re actually twins acting like mirrors of each other!
hermes-homme6 Mirror maze, and some cycling action!
hermes-homme5 So much food delicacies to try out! Also my first time having truffles!